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Ministerial Endorsements

"Dr. Howard Morgan’s provocative and inspirational ministry is unique among teachers/evangelists in that he has achieved the maturity and balance that provides both definitive knowledge of the Word of God and clear understanding of the gifts and graces of the Holy Spirit. His insightful Biblical teaching is grounded securely in extensive theological training. His sensitivity to the Holy Spirit also enables him to minister powerfully into the lives of believers through the word of knowledge and personal prophecy.

With his extensive understanding of the Hebrew roots of Christian faith and of the church’s scriptural and spiritual responsibilities to Israel and the international Jewish community, Dr. Morgan is a leader in a growing movement of restoration of Biblical Christianity. His authoritative and inspirational teaching of these concepts has revolutionized the thinking of churches and individuals around the world."

-Dr. John Garr, Founder and Executive Director, Restoration Foundation

"The response of my congregation to Dr. Morgan's ministry has been extraordinary. His teaching ministry is excellent, his prophetic gift is crisp and balanced... I recommend his ministry without reservation. He is a true servant of the Lord and the local church."

-Pastor Randy Presley, Cincinnati, Ohio

"Dr. Morgan has ministered in a number of our related churches, each time with fruitful results. I highly recommend his ministry and believe it will be a blessing to any church"

-Sidney O. Stetson, General Secretary, Ascension Fellowships International

"Dr. Morgan's Biblical exposition was solid, practical and dynamic. His discernment in the Holy Spirit was startlingly accurate. Dr. Morgan has a strong Jewish Identity...his ministry will bless your congregation profoundly. I highly endorse Him."

-Messianic Rabbi Jeffrey A. Adler, Indianapolis, IN

"I would like to recommend the ministry of Dr. Morgan to your church."

-Presiding Bishop John Looper, Church of God, Cleveland, TN

"Dr. Morgan has proved his worth and wealth to us...he ministers under a pronounced evidence of the Holy Spirit ...he has an outstanding prophetic gift"

-Rev. Ronald Eske, London, England