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Leaves From The Olive Tree

Leaves From the Olive Tree is an anthology by Dr. Howard Morgan. It covers a variety of subjects ranging from Relationships in the Body of Christ to the Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith. Each chapter reflects Dr. Morgan's passion to equip the Church for the fulfillment of God's eternal purposes and ultimately see the Kingdom of God established with the return of Messiah Yeshua.

For centuries the Church has been influenced by various philosophies, worldviews and doctrines of demons. In this book, Dr. Morgan exposes some of those destructive influences and helps the Body of Christ return to authentic Biblical faith and practice. As we are willing to be restored to the "faith once delivered to the saints," the Holy Spirit will be free to do His work of bringing the Body of Christ to maturity. It is this maturity that is the heartbeat of Dr. Morgan's ministry.

As negative influences are exposed, we are confronted with choices. Will we remain the same, or will we change? Are we willing to do whatever it takes to change both ourselves and others? Do we accept the "status quo" or obey the Spirit of God?

The Lord is restoring the Church! Now is the time to "seize the moment" and resist and reject the forces opposed to the work of the Kingdom of God!

Leaves From the Olive Tree is both prophetic and practical. It will challenge you, bless you, and help you make the right choices. It will inspire you in your walk with the Lord, and give you down to earth help in "seeking first the Kingdom of God."

The cost is $10.00, plus shipping and handling which will be calculated automatically.


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