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Dr. Morgan's Teachings: Cd Albums Page 1

CDA-100 Attitudes For Altitude

attitudesEvery decision is determined by the information we have, the perceptions we make, and our attitudes. The only one of these that we can control is our attitudes. Our attitudes are like the wings of a plane; they determine our altitude. They control whether we will overcome, or be overcome. When you are walking in faith, your attitude will reflect that faith, and positive thoughts and feelings will follow. When you allow your attitudes to become negative, faith is extinguished, with defeat and depression following. Victorious people control their attitudes. Learn how with these CDs.

Four CD Album $25


CDA-101 Abba Father

abbafatherMany people have problems thinking of themselves as God's kid because of the relationship they had with their natural father. Jesus taught us to relate to God as "Abba," which means "Daddy," because that is exactly how God wants us to relate to Him. Our "Heavenly Daddy" wants to have kids to enjoy, and wants His kids to enjoy Him. In this series, Dr. Morgan teaches us how to develop this kind of relationship with our Heavenly Daddy, so we can enjoy being His Kid!

Three CD Album $20



CDA-102 Believing and Receiving

bandrJesus had much to teach about the power of "Believing." We must learn how to activate the "Believer" that is within each of us. Doubt, the enemy of faith, can be overcome. You can experience tremendous spiritual power in your life when you learn how and when to use the small and extremely powerful spiritual word, "But..." Includes: "Believe & Receive; Overcome Doubt; "But God.."

Three CD Series $20




CDA-103 Building The Kingdom of God

buildingIn Luke 14:28, Jesus likened the life of a disciple to a man who sets out to build a large building. In order for us to build the Kingdom of God, we must understand how God establishes and expands His Kingdom. This series covers the following important aspects of Building the Kingdom of God

Includes: The Kingdom of God is Like...; Unlocking the Kingdom of Heaven; Seeking and Building the Kingdom; The Messianic Kingdom; Administrating the Kingdom; Kingdom Leaders; Kingdom Realities; Apostolic and Prophetic Vision; The Fire of The Kingdom; Building Altars and Digging Wells; Driven By Purpose, Not Need.

Twelve CD Album $55


CDA-104 Changing Of The Guard

changingGod is moving the Body of Christ in new directions. Our only motivation should be to expand the Kingdom of God! Do you want to see the Body of Christ restored to her authentic Apostolic and Prophetic Power and Purpose? God is "Changing The Guard!" Can you feel the change in your spirit? Is God calling you to new levels of faith and ministry? These CDs will give you prophetic direction so you can take your place in this move of the Spirit to restore the Church.

Includes: Growing In The Truth; Pure Purposes, Motives and Goals; Hearing The Voice of God; Present Everyone Complete In Christ; Are You Called To Be A Leader?; Apostles, Prophets and Unity; A Prophetic Call To Unity.

Eight CD Album $40


CDA-106 Defeating The Spirit of Religion

defeatThe spirit of religion is the counterfeit to the Holy Spirit. We must learn how to recognize this spirit and his various activities, so we can remove him and his influences. The spirit of religion is oppressive, condemning and controlling. No one under his influence is free to make mistakes, which is an essential ingredient necessary for spiritual growth as a disciple of the Kingdom of God. When we remove the spirit of religion, the Holy Spirit is free to minister as He desires, and believers are free to learn, and change and grow.

In that environment of freedom, the purposes of God are no longer hindered and everyone is blessed. This spirit will only be defeated if we, together, decide that we will no longer suffer his deception and oppression, and rise up to remove him. He is already a defeated enemy! All we have to do is forcibly remove him. Are you ready to get free? Are you ready to go to war? If you are, this CD series is for you!

Eight CD Album $40


CDA-107 The Deity of Messiah Jesus

deityJesus the Messiah is Jehovah God come in the flesh! This three CD series is an in-depth study in the Scriptures proving that the Christ of the New Testament is the God of the Old Testament.

Three CD Album $20





CDA-108 Disciples of The Kingdom

disciplesJesus commanded the Church to "make disciples." All too often the Church just makes "converts," who simply become "believers," and end up as nothing more than "Church Goers." If you want a closer walk with God, you will discover that God relates to you according to His Kingdom purposes for your life. He wants to train you - disciple you - so that you can fulfill those purposes.These CDs will help you understand what it means to be a disciple and how to live, and learn, as a Disciple of the Kingdom of God.

Includes: Church Goer, Believer or Disciple; Working & Warring; True Discipleship; Disciples of The Kingdom; God As A Father; Choose Discipleship; Passion For Discipleship; The Plan, Purpose & Power of Discipleship.

Eight CD Album $40


CDA-109 Enter Into His Gates

enterMany believers live below their inheritance. They fail to understand the principles by which we enter into the presence of the Lord. This series contains vital truths that will equip you to "Enter Into His Gates." Are you praying correctly? Are your prayers focused on yourself or on the Kingdom purposes of God? Are you listening to the "still small voice in your spirit?" Do you understand the power of humility and of giving thanks for all things? Are you ruled by your feelings? Do others control you? Answering these questions correctly will enable you to "Enter Into His Gates!"

Four CD Album $25


CDA-110 Evangelism: His Pleasure, Our Joy

evangThese four teachings on evangelism complement Dr. Morgan's "Evangelism Made Easy" equipping seminar. In this series, you will find encouragement and inspiration as you share your faith. The world is looking for truth and God is searching for children. We are sent out as proclaimers of truth and begetters of spiritual children for the Father. It gives God great pleasure to bring new souls into His Kingdom. When you are the vessel He uses to do that, you experience tremendous joy! If you have forgotten or never known that joy, this series will refresh, revive and inspire you to share your faith. Includes: Creative Evangelism; Language of Evangelism; Joy of Evangelism; Win One Each One.

Four CD Album $25


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